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We wish you every success in your sport. You have trained long and hard to get here, and we’re sure you want the competition to be fair and clean.

Win Clean can help you avoid breaking the anti-doping rules and remind you of the dangers of doping. It’s not just winning that matters, it’s how you win... make sure you win clean!

The 10 Anti-Doping Rule Violations

It’s not only a positive drugs test that can result in a ban – there are 10 Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs). You may commit a violation if you:

1. give a blood or urine test that is positive
2. use (or try to use) a banned substance or method
3. refuse to give a sample, or fail to give one, when asked
4. tamper, or try to tamper, with the testing process
5. have a banned substance in your possession
6. try to sell any banned substance or method to another person
7. administer or try to administer any banned substance to an athlete, or try to cover up any anti-doping rule violation
8. have three filing failures in 10 months (if you are part of a registered testing pool)
9. help someone commit an anti-doping rule violation or avoid detection
10. are associated with athlete support personnel who have been found guilty of an anti-doping rule violation or criminal or disciplinary offence equivalent to an anti-doping rule violation


Being a Clean Athlete in the UK

It’s really important to take all practical steps to ensure that you meet your anti-doping responsibilities. In a lot of cases of doping, athletes take a banned substance by accident – in medication or a supplement – so you need to be aware of the risks or you could face a two-year ban.

Checking Medications in the UK

If you buy licensed medications in the UK, you can check them online with Global DRO, to see if they are safe to take.

Global DRO allows you to enter the medication and it will tell you whether it is prohibited.

Global DRO covers medications available in the UK, USA, Canada and Japan only. It cannot check medication bought elsewhere.

It’s useful to keep a record of the search number when you have completed your search – just in case you might need it at a later date!

Global DRO cannot be used to check supplements such as vitamins, energy drinks or work-out products. There are no guarantees that supplement products are free from banned substances, so there is always a risk.

Click here to go to the Global DRO website.

Therapeutic Use Exemptions

Sometimes you may need to take a medication that contains a prohibited substance as there are no suitable alternatives. If this is the case, you can apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE), which gives you permission to use certain medications for a limited time.

If you regularly need a TUE – for asthma medication, for example – this should be in place before you arrive in the UK. Your International Federation (International athletes) or National Anti-Doping Agency (athletes competing at a national level) should be able to help you. You will need to make sure that your TUE is valid for the duration of your stay.

Keep a copy of your TUE with you, as you will need it if you are selected for testing. If you are tested, make sure that you include this information on the Doping Control Form.

Applying for a TUE in the UK

If you need to apply for a TUE while you are in the UK, either check with the event organisers who should be able to tell you what the process is or contact your International Federation.

When applying for a TUE it is essential to have the support of a doctor, as they need to complete a form detailing your medical condition. You also need to be aware that the application process takes time and in some cases up to 28 days.

In cases of emergency such as an allergic reaction, it is possible to apply for a TUE after you have had the medication. Once again, it is essential to have confirmation from the doctor who treated you.

Supplement Risks

Supplements can be a serious risk for athletes. Across the world, many athletes have failed drugs tests because they used a supplement that contained a prohibited substance.

Unlike medications, supplement labels may not always list all the ingredients and sometimes prohibited substances can be called different names so it may not be clear even if you check the label. It is difficult to guarantee that they are safe for athletes to use.

Your National Anti-Doping Organisation (NADO) may give advice on this, but in the UK athletes are advised to take practical steps to reduce the risks associated with supplement use.

Ask yourself whether you need to use supplements at all. A good diet and training programme may be all you need to be a top athlete.

If you do choose to buy a supplement product when in the UK, try to minimise your risk by choosing a product that has been batch tested.

The Informed-Sport Programme is one way of reducing the risk as batches of supplements are tested and certified. You should be aware that certification only covers the specific batches that have been tested and not all prohibited substances are tested for. All athlete need to be aware that they are responsible for undertaking thorough research of any supplement product before use to determine risks of taking any specific product. Failure to do so and returning a positive test can result in a four-year ban under the 2015 Code.

For more information visit the Informed-Sport website here.

Competing and Training in the UK – Top Tips

• It’s your sport – help keep it clean
• Strict Liability – remember you are solely responsible for anything you use, attempt to use or is found in your system
• Always check that medication is safe to take using Global DRO
• If you need a TUE, make sure it is up to date, and keep the form with you
• Be wary of supplements, reduce your risk by undertaking thorough research of any products you are considering taking and only using those that have been batch tested
• Never share supplements with other athletes – the prohibited list varies for different sports
• Never leave drinks or supplements in places where they may become contaminated
• Always check who is responsible for testing you prior to competing
• Know your rights and responsibilities as an athlete

What Happens in a Test

You may have been tested many times and know that it’s just part of life for an elite athlete, but it’s a good idea to know the process in the UK.

All testing in the UK follows the International Standard for Testing and Investigations, so this should be the process that you’re familiar with. We recommend taking a representative with you, and if required, an interpreter.

Remember that if you refuse a test, you may have committed an anti-doping rule violation and there may be serious consequences.

Speak Out, Don’t Lose Out!

We all have a duty to help keep sport clean and doping-free. Contact us in confidence about any doping suspicions you have through the Report Doping in Sport hotline. No piece of information is too small – sometimes it’s the confirmation we’ve been waiting for. Calls can be made in strict confidence and you don’t have to give your name.

You can call Report Doping in Sport on +44 (0)8000 32 23 32 at any time or if your prefer you can complete a confidential online form

No one wants to miss out on their moment on the podium and hearing their national anthem because of a drugs cheat.

Breaking the Rules

What happens to athletes and support personnel if they are caught breaking the anti-doping rules?

There are many consequences to doping – even if it happened by accident. Being banned from the sport you’ve worked so hard for means losing your friends and colleagues, and being out of the team for a long time. There are potentially serious consequences for your career: loss of funding and sponsorship will seriously affect your earnings, and you may find yourself permanently banned from your training venue.

Being labelled a cheat has social consequences too – no one wants to be associated with a cheat, and that includes your family and the support personnel who have devoted time and effort to support you.

Doping isn’t worth the risk, so make clean sport part of your everyday routine.

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